OPENED on February 25, 2021 (Thursday)
Located in a prime spot that is a 2-minute walk from the East Exit (South) of Ikebukuro Station, and a 4-minute walk from Exit 41 or 30-second walk from Exit 40 of Tokyo Metro's Ikebukuro Station, our hotel is ideal for business and sightseeing. We welcome you in a space where you will feel tranquility and quality even though our hotel is in a busy street. Various security measures are in place inside the hotel, so you can feel safe and secure when you stay with us. 


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Parking lot

Our hotel does not have its own parking lot.

[Nearest parking lot *Not affiliated with our hotel]
①Ikebukuro Higashiguchi Public Underground Parking
1-29-1, Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3982-2116
Up to 2 hours: 330 yen per 30 minutes for ordinary cars 
More than 2 hours: 290 yen per 30 minutes for ordinary cars
Maximum charge on weekdays: 3,060 yen* for 12 hours on weekdays
※About the maximum charge
You cannot combine it with other services such as discounts from partner shops, or coupon tickets. 
The maximum charge will only be applied once when you park.
Weekends, holidays, and our company's designated days are excluded.
(Information provided is as of December 25, 2020.)

②Times Minami-Ikebukuro No. 6
2-17-6, Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Total capacity: 21 vehicles
Vehicle restrictions: Overall length 5m, overall width 1.9m, overall height 2.1m, weight 2.5t
Regular rate: 330 yen for 10 minutes 
8:00 am - 7:00 pm: Maximum of 3,520 yen
7:00 pm - 8:00 am: Maximum of 1,760 yen.

Parking may not be available depending on the type and size of the vehicle.
Please contact the parking lot concerned if you wish to park there.



Wi-Fi equipment

You can use Wi-Fi for free in all guest rooms.


How to get here

It is an excellent location with superb access, as it is about 2 minutes on foot from the East Exit (South) of Ikebukuro Station, about 2 minutes on foot from Exit 41, and 30 seconds on foot from Exit 40.

[Hotel Access]
[Ikebukuro Station] East Exit (South)/Approx. 2-minute walk from Exit 38
[Ikebukuro Station] 3-minute walk from East Exit (Central)
[Ikebukuro Station] Approx. 2-minute walk from Exit 41  
[Ikebukuro Station] Approx. 30-second walk from Exit 40 (passage at night is not allowed)

For those coming by train
Nearest station: Ikebukuro Station
The exits at Ikebukuro Station are all the same for the following eight routes operated by four companies.
・JR Yamanote Line
・JR Saikyo Line
・JR Shonan Shinjuku Line
・Tobu Railway Tojo Main Line
・Seibu Railway Ikebukuro Line
・Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
・Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line
・Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin line
[Ikebukuro Station] East Exit (South)/Approx. 2-minute walk from Exit 38
[Ikebukuro Station] Approx. 3-minute walk from East Exit (Central)
[Ikebukuro Station] Approx. 2-minute walk from Exit 41 
[Ikebukuro Station] Approx. 30-second walk from Exit 40 (passage at night is not allowed/9:00 pm - 7:00 am) 

For those coming by car

Nearest IC
Approx. 5 minutes from Higashi-Ikebukuro Exit on the Ikebukuro Line of Metropolitan Expressway No. 5
Approx. 7 minutes from Gokokuji Exit on the Ikebukuro Line of Metropolitan Expressway No. 5
■We do not have a hotel parking lot. Please be advised in advance.
■The parking lot in the neighborhood may not be available depending on the type and size of your vehicle. Please contact the parking lot concerned if you wish to park there.


Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ikebukuro-Higashiguchi

1-20-8, Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0022 




QDoes your hotel provide leisure facilities such as a gym or swimming pool?

A No, we don't offer leisure facilities at our hotel. 

QDo you provide cots?

A Unfortunately, no. The rooms aren’t designed with space for a cot and we don’t provide one. 

QDoes your hotel have a public bath?

A Unfortunately,no.

QDo you have a laundry machine?

A Yes, laundry machines are available 24/7 on the 9th floor. It may take extra time to use it as we only have two machines for the whole hotel. Detergent is added automatically.  

Q Do I have access to the hotel during the night?

A Yes, you can access the hotel the whole night with your key card. The entrance door will be locked at midnight. Please place your key card onto the black sensor next to the entrance door. You can also contact reception the using interphone. Our reception is open 24/7. 

QDo you have a microwave?

A Yes, microwaves are available on the 5th and 12th floor. 

QCan I request an early check-in?

A Our standard check-in time is any time after 2pm. If rooms are available prior to check-in time, an early check-in may be possible with a 1000yen/hour additional charge and 12noon is the earliest you may check in. To guarantee an early check-in before 12noon, it is necessary to book the previous night. You are welcome to leave your luggage free of charge prior to your check-in.  

QCan you issue a receipt for my stay?

A Your receipt will be issued from the payment machine upon check-in. Please note that we cannot issue your receipt if your payment has been made online. Please ask our reception staff if you need a receipt under your company name or a specific name. The space for the name on the receipt is limited, your receipt may be issued as a handwritten one. 

QI want to check for left property.

A If you think you might have left an item in your hotel room after check-out, please get in touch with the hotel reception directly. Please note that the items you left can be sent back only by cash-on-delivery. Only domestic mail is accepted. 

QCan you make a restaurant reservation for me?

A Yes, please ask our reception staff for reservations. Please note that we don’t accept restaurant reservations before your arrival as there is a possibility that the restaurants would charge us a cancellation fee if you don’t arrive as you booked. Do not amend or cancel your reservation as much as possible after your reservation has been made. Thank you for your understanding.  

QWhat is check-in time?

A You can check in any time after 2 pm. In case of you arriving late please let the hotel know your arrival time in advance.

QWhat's the hotel's cancellation fee policy?

A (Reservations made for 1 to 14 people)
Cancellation on the previous day: 20% of room charge.
Cancellation on the day: 80% of room charge.
No-show: 100% of room charge.

(Reservations made for 15 or more people)
Cancellation 9 days prior to check in day: 10% of room charge.
Cancellation on the previous day: 20% of room charge.
Cancellation on the day: 80% of room charge.
No-show: 100% of room charge.

QIs it possible to rent a car?

A Unfortunately,no.

QDo you have a laundry service?

A Yes, we have laundry service. You can find a plastic bag and an order slip in the chest drawer, please fill out the slip and come down to the reception desk with your laundry by 9:30am. Your laundry can be ready at 7:00pm on the day. Laundry service is not available on Sundays and national holidays. 

QCan I borrow a hair straightener?

A No, currently hair straighteners are unavailable. 

QCan I use electronic cigarettes in the non-smoking room?

A No, the use of electronic cigarettes inside the non-smoking room is prohibited. We have a designated smoking area on the third floor where e-cigarettes can be used. 

QDo you have room service?

A No. Take away is available at the restaurant HEARTH SMOKED GRILL & GALETTE on the second floor of our property. Please place an order to the restaurant and collect your order at the restaurant directly.  

Q Do you provide complimentary bottled water?

A Yes, we provide one complimentary bottled water per person. Extra bottled water is available with an additional charge. Feel free to ask reception staff for the price. Tap water is also clean to drink. 

QCan I order food delivery?

A Yes, however, the delivery drivers cannot go up to the guest room floors. Please come down to the reception floor to collect your order. 

QCan you call me a taxi?

A Yes, feel free to ask the reception desk. Due to lack of space, the taxi cannot park in front of the hotel entrance. We will inform you the car number and the specific place where your taxi is waiting. Please be sure to confirm the provided car number before getting on. Additional charge may be applied if you take a wrong taxi. There will be an additional 500yen charge as a pick-up fee and another 500yen will apply for the advanced taxi booking. One day prior advanced booking is required for big size taxies.  

QDo I have to leave my key card at the reception desk when I go out?

A No, you don’t have to. You can also leave your key if you are afraid of losing it. 

QI’ve lost my key. What should I do?

A We will issue a replacement key. Please fill out the form at the reception desk to avoid misidentification. 

QWhat is Check-In and Check-Out time?

A Check in time is 2pm. Check out time is 11am.

QCan I request a late check-out?

A Late check-out is available with an additional 1000yen per hour and 2pm is the latest you may check out. You must leave your room by 2pm if you requested a late check-out until 2pm. After this time, a full night fee applies. Please note that your late check-out request may be rejected subject to room availability (in occasional circumstances). Please inform the reception desk by 11:00am if you wish for a late check-out. 

QCan I bring my pet to your hotel?

A Unfortunately, with the exception of registered assistance dogs, we don't allow pets to stay at our hotel.  

QDoes your hotel provide housekeeping daily?

A Due to deal with SDGs, we have no cleaning services during your stay. In case you need the cleaning service, please put the blue ‘Make up the room’ magnet on the door by 10am. We will not go into your room unless you request the cleaning service. However, due to hygiene purposes,we will clean the room once in three days even when you didn't put the magnet on the door.


QCan I stay in the same room if I extend my stay?

A It's subject to room availability. You may have to move to a different room. Please contact the reception desk for further details. If you can stay in the same room, please come to the reception desk to complete your payment ( if your payment has not been done) and renew your key. Please also inform the reception staff if you need housekeeping. 

QCan I make room requests?

A Yes, we welcome room requests. We will do our best to meet your requests, however, it’s subject to room availability.  Room upgrades are chargeable, please ask the reception staff for the further prices. 

QI have another booking after check-out of the first stay. Can I store my luggage until my next check-in date?

A Yes, feel free to ask our reception staff for the luggage storage. Please note that guest luggage is stored at room temperature only, we cannot store any chilled or frozen items. We will ask you to write your signature and contact number on the luggage slip after you read our luggage storage policy. 

QCan I check in later than the arrival time I stated?

A Please contact our hotel if you arrive later than you stated. The entrance door will be locked for security reasons after midnight. Please ring the bell to contact the reception desk to unlock the door. 

QCan I request a free upgrade? 

A Room upgrades are available with an additional charge and subject to room availability. Please contact the reception desk for the further details. 

QWhat do you need to check in to the hotel?

A Please show the reception staff the passports of all the hotel guests in your booking for identification.  
You might be asked to show your booking number. 

QCan I invite a guest into my room?

A Access to guest rooms is strictly restricted to guests of the hotel. 
Please meet your visitors at the lobby on the third floor. You will be asked to pay an additional charge if you invite visitors to your room. Please note that you might be asked to present your room key for identification.  

QCan I smoke in the room? Can I smoke electronic cigarettes?

A If you would like to smoke in the room, please book a smoking room.

QDo I have to pay extra for my child?

A Children under 12y.o can stay for free when sharing bed with their parents (amenities and breakfast are not included).

QDoes your hotel have a shuttle bus service?

A Unfortunately, no. 

QDoes your hotel offer free Wi-Fi?

A Yes, we have free Wi-Fi available throughout the property. You can find the Wi-Fi password on the back of the room key card holder that you receive upon check-in. 

QCan you make a photocopy or send a fax message from your hotel?

A No. Please use the photocopy machine at the 7-ELEVEN convenience store on the ground floor. 

QCan I send my luggage to your hotel?

A Yes. Please be sure that your booking name is indicated on the waybill for identification. Your luggage may be rejected to receive if the name on the waybill is not found on our booking record. It would be helpful if your arrival date is also indicated.  
Please note that your luggage will be kept at the room temperature. We cannot keep any items in cold/hot storage.  
Cash-on-delivery is not accepted. You must complete all the payments when you order the shipping. Our hotel cannot make the payment to receive your luggage on behalf of you.  

QCan you store food or drinks at reception?

A Yes. Please note that we keep your food or drinks at the room temperature only, you cannot store any chilled or frozen items at reception. Our hotel doesn’t take any responsibility for the items you store. 

QCan I send parcels to your hotel by cash-on-delivery?

A No, you must complete all the payments when you order the delivery service. Our hotel cannot make the payments on behalf of you to receive the items. Your delivery items will be sent back to the delivery company if the payments have not been made. 

QCan I send parcels from the hotel?

A Yes. Please note that we accept cash-on-delivery and domestic only. Feel free to ask our reception staff if you need a waybill. You cannot send valuables such as cash/precious metals, or hazardous materials such as explosives or poisonous/toxic materials inside. Please also refrain from sending fragile items such as glass, ceramics, or sensitive instruments, or perishable items, living things, or items that are difficult to be replaced, such as art works. Delivery may be delayed due to reasons such as weather and transportation conditions. Same-day delivery is not available. Please note that our hotel cannot take any responsibility for your delivery items. 

QCan you ship internationally?

A No. Only domestic delivery is available.   Please note that we accept cash-on delivery only. 

QCan I exchange currency at your hotel?

A No. Please ask the reception staff to find the money exchange counters nearby. 

QCan I borrow an iron?

A Yes, you can borrow an iron and ironing board. Please note that the rental items are subject to availability. 
Feel free to contact the reception desk. 

QCan I make a phone call from my room? Can I call overseas?

A Yes, the landline in your room is available for both domestic and international calls. You can find information about how to make a phone call on the telephone. Phone calls are chargeable, please make the payment of the telephone bill at check-out. 

QCan I send my luggage to the airport?

A No. Please ask 7-eleven on the ground floor for the airport delivery. Airport delivery takes a few more days than the usual delivery services, your luggage must be sent at least 2-3 days prior to your flight. 

QAre the amenities free of charge?

A Yes, all the amenities are completely free, however, extra bottled water is chargeable. Feel free to ask the reception desk for the price.  

QCan I pay with a credit card? What kinds of credit card can I use?

A Yes, you can pay by either cash or credit card. We accept VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express, Diners and Union Pay. Please note that we will ask you to pay in cash if your credit card cannot be successfully approved. In the case of your credit card being rejected, please contact your credit card company. Our hotel doesn’t know the reason. 

QCan I make a payment with a QR code such as We Chat Pay, Paypay, KAKAOPAY and LINE Pay?

A No, QR code payment is currently unavailable. 

QHow big is my room?

A Sizes of the room are as follows: 
Standard Double: 15㎡ 
Moderate Double: 18 ㎡ 
Standard Twin: 20㎡ 

Our guest rooms are quite cosy. If you think there is not enough space to store your luggage, we can keep it at the reception desk. Feel free to ask our reception staff. Please note that your luggage will be stored at room temperature only. We cannot store any chilled or frozen items. 

Q Is there a bathtub in the bathroom?

A Most of the room types are equipped with bathtubs. Only Moderate Double (shower room) doesn’t have a bathtub. Please refer to the Rooms page on our official website for further details.

QWhat’s the difference between Moderate Double room (Modular Bath) and Moderate Double room (Shower Room)?

A Room size for these two room types is the same. A Moderate Double room (Modular Bath) is equipped with a small table and Moderate Double room (Shower Room) is equipped with a work desk. If you need a desk for your work/study, Moderate Double room (Shower Room) is a better choice. Both room types have a bathroom. Moderate Double room (Modular Bath) has a bathtub, but Moderate Double room (Shower Room) doesn’t. 

QDo rooms come with a refrigerator?

A Yes, all our rooms have a mini refrigerator. Please turn on the switch when you use it. Please note that a freezer is not available, and we cannot store any chilled or frozen items at the reception desk. Ice machines are available on the 5th and 12th floor. Feel free to use the empty cups on the side to bring your ice. 

QIs there a TV in the room?

A All our rooms do have a TV in the room. English channels are not available. 

QDoes the room have air conditioning/AC?

A All our rooms are equipped with a reverse-cycle air-conditioner.  The temperature mode can be freely changed to heating or cooling. You can also control the temperature using the touchscreen control panel on the wall. English and Chinese are available on the touchscreen. 

Q I need a desk for my work/study. Do all the rooms have a desk?

A Some of the room types don’t have a desk. Standard Double room and Moderate Double room (modular bath) are not equipped with a desk due to lack of space. Moderate Double (shower room) has a wide desk suitable for work or study. Please note that this room type doesn’t have a bathtub. Twin Room has both a desk and a bathtub. Please refer to the Rooms page on our official website for the further information. 

QHow do I become a member?

A Please inquire at the reception desk. We will ask you to fill out the Roynet Club application form then issue your membership card. Your points will be printed on the card when you check out.  

QDo I have to pay to become a member?

A No, our Roynet Club membership is totally free, there is neither an admission fee nor an annual fee. 

QWhat are the benefits of becoming a member?

A You can earn points which can be applied to the room fee. By showing us your membership card, only providing your signature on the registration card is required at check-in. Please note that you will be asked to fill out your name, home address and phone number to avoid misidentification if you didn’t bring your membership card. 

QHow long are Roynet Points valid for?

A Roynet Points are valid for two years since your last check-out date. 

QHow can I use my Roynet Points?

A When you earn more than 50 points, you can apply the points to your room charge. Please note that you can use the points for the payment only when you pay your room charge at the hotel directly. You cannot pay by points if your room fee is less than 5000yen.  

QI lost my membership card. Can I receive a replacement?

A Feel free to ask our reception staff for the replacement card for free. To avoid misidentification, we will confirm your home address and phone number you registered.  

QWhat is Roynet Club Members?

A It's a point collecting system that can be used at any Daiwa Roynet hotel.