Corporate contract

Corporate reservation login

※ When you select a hotel, you will get to the corporate login screen of the respective hotels

Daiwa Roynet Hotels Corporate Contract Reservation with Benefits

Accommodation reservations are available at special rates exclusively for corporate contracts. Please make use of this for business trips and welfare programs.

Corporate Internet reservation benefits Corporate lump-sum settlement service

  • 1 No admission fee or annual membership fee

    You can make use of this with no admission fee or annual membership fee.

  • 2 Special corporate rates applicable

    You can stay at all Daiwa Roynet Hotels at a discounted rate for members.

  • 3 Supporting business trips and welfare programs at more than 70 hotels nationwide

    Daiwa Roynet Hotels has more than 70 hotels in various cities nationwide.
    We provide welfare benefits that are sure to delight you for companies with many business trips.

  • 4 You can choose to pay

    You can select "cash", "advance credit card payment", or "post-billing" when making payment. (There is an internal audit in our company for post-billing requests)

  • 5 Restrictions may be imposed according to the company's business travel regulations

    Restrictions on reservations and plans with vouchers may be imposed in accordance with the regulations.

Corporate Internet reservation benefits Corporate lump-sum settlement service

This is a service where you can pay the accommodation fee in a lump-sum.

  1. Only accommodation fees are eligible for deferred payment. Parking and telephone charges etc. will not be covered.
  2. In order to use it, a separate contract is required between the company you belong to and our company.
  3. Due to the conditions stipulated by our company, we may not be able to respond to your request.


  • Q. Please advise me on how to log in to the corporate reservation site

    A. If you select "Corporate reservation login" on the hotel's webpage, the login screen will be displayed.
    Please enter your login credentials in the "ID" and "password" fields.
    A corporate-only plan will be displayed so you can make a reservation for your preferred room type and accommodation plan.

  • Q. Please advise me on my login password

    A. Your account is "password".
    You can log in by entering your account in both the "ID" and "password" fields.