Daiwa Roynet Hotel KUMAMOTO
Daiwa Roynet Hotel KUMAMOTO
Daiwa Roynet Hotel KUMAMOTO

Daiwa Roynet Hotel KUMAMOTO

First foray into Kumamoto!
One minute walk from "Hanabatacho Station" on the Kumamoto City Tram.

or inquiries, please contact us at "0570-08-1050" (Navi Dial)


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Opened on September 2nd, 2021!! Breakfast hall 2F "Akaushi Dining yoka-yoka"

"full buffet style."
※The contents may change depending on the purchase situation and the season.
※The adult fare is 2000 yen
※For elementary school children, please pay 1000 yen separately including tax when checking in.
※Preschool children can dine for free."

Opening hours 6:30~10:00 L/O 9:30
Place 2F "Akaushi Dining yoka-yoka"



Breakfast hall 2F "Akaushi Dining yoka-yoka"


■Breakfast venue: 2F "Akaushi Dining yoka-yoka Teppanyaki & Grill"
■Business hours: 6:30-10:00 *L/O 9:30
■Breakfast: Japanese and Western buffet style
■ Fees: Adults 2,000 yen (tax included) Elementary school students 1,000 yen (tax included)

*Junior high school and high school students are also charged adult rates.
* The contents may change depending on the purchase situation and season.
* Preschoolers (under 6 years old) can use it free of charge.

Parking lot

There is no parking lot at the hotel.
Please use the affiliated parking lot or nearby coin parking.

For inquiries, please contact us at ""0570-08-1050"" (Navi Dial)""

[Partner parking lot] Name: AP Park Sakuramachi (*first-come, first-served basis; no reservations*) Address: 3-1 Sakuramachi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture 860-0805 Price: 1200 yen (tax included)/night (14:00 - 11:00 the next day) *Please pay separately on-site for usage outside of affiliated hours (11:00 to 14:00). 7:00 to 19:00 First 60 minutes / 200 yen (tax included) Subsequent 60 minutes / 100 yen (tax included) 19:00 - 7:00 60 minutes / 100 yen (tax included) *When using a partner parking lot, be sure to bring your parking ticket to the front desk.  The discount is not applicable if the parking ticket is not presented.

Self-service coin laundry corner

There is a self-service coin laundry corner.
Please make sure to use it during your long stay on a business trip or sports training camp, or for a little laundry during your trip.
[Hours open] 24 hours
[Detergent] No detergent required due to automatic input

Precautions for use
・Only guests staying at the hotel can use it.
・For both washing machines and drying machines, you can use a 100-yen coin or a transportation electronic money.
・To exchange money, please use the automatic checkout machine at the front desk or in the lobby.


Ice-making machines

We have installed ice-making machines in the vending machine corner.
Please use the cup provided beside the ice maker. [FREE]



To ship from hotel

◆[Charged] To ship from hotel
We accept packages at the front desk. We also have boxes and plastic covers for home delivery (both charged).

◆If the customer sends the package to the hotel
Please be sure to specify the name of the guest (Katakana) and the date of stay on the slip. 
After checking your reservation information and slip, we will keep it until the day of check-in.
However, we are unable to receive cash, valuables, drugs, letters, fragile goods, dangerous goods, cool packages and other items that require temperature and humidity control, and cash on delivery packages. 
※We may not be able to accept it due to the limited storage space.
※If your reservation name is not listed on the slip or if we are unable to match your reservation information, we may not be able to receive your delivery.
If you have any questions, please contact the hotel.

Security Lock System

We lock the front entrance of the hotel from 0:00 a.m. to 6:00 the next morning for safety in the hotel hall at midnight.

When entering the building after midnight,
・For guests staying at the hotel, you can open the entrance with the room key.
・Customers who are checking in, use the intercom located outside the front entrance,
 We will check your reservation's name before you can enter the hotel.

※Our hotel has also introduced a card key security system in the elevator.
 You need a room key to the floor of the guest room.


This is accepted at the front desk. (charged)
Copy (black and white): 10 yen per sheet (tax included)
Copy (color): 50 yen per sheet (tax included)
FAX: 50 yen per transmission, including tax (up to 5 copies sent)
※Receiving faxes is accepted free of charge.
(Please write the name properly so we will know the guest accurately.)

Evac Chair

Daiwa Roynet Hotels has installed Evac Chair (equipment for evacuating through the stairs).
In emergencies where elevators cannot be used, such as earthquakes and fires, people on the upper floors requiring assistance and injured can be evacuated safely and promptly on the stairs.


Customers who pay locally (settle at the hotel) are asked to pay the accommodation fee in advance when checking in. You can also pay by credit card (JCB/VISA/AMEX/ Diners/SAISON). The automatic checkout machine also handles exchange of money, and there is no troublesome procedure, and the check-in and check-out is smooth as well.
※Some hotels are unable to pay by credit card at the checkout machine.


You can borrow it at the front desk.
Wheelchairs are only available inside the building. Please be aware of this in advance.


Daiwa Roynet Hotels has AED installed at the front desk.


How to get here

One minute walk from Hanabatacho Station on the Kumamoto City Tram.

Daiwa Roynet Hotel KUMAMOTO

860-0806 10-22 Hanabata-cho, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto




QDoes you hotel have a public bath?

A No.

QIs it possible to rent a car?

A Our hotel does not provide rental car services. To find one, please ask the front desk.

QAre amenities in the room are free of charce?

A Yes, feel free to use them.

QIs there Wi-Fi in the hotel?

A Yes, and it's free. For password, please contact the front desk.

QWhat is Check-In and Check-Out time?

A Check in time is 2pm. Check out time is 11am.

QCan I request an early Check-In

A Earlier check-in is possible starting 12pm and costs extra one thousand yen per each hour.
Please understand that this may be subject to availability on your check-in date.

QCan I request a late check-out?

A Late check out is possible but is a subject to availability on your check out date. The latest check out time is 2pm.

QDoes your hotel allow pets?

A Unfortunaltely, no. (Sight challenged customers can stay with their service animals)

QDoes your hotel provide houskeeping daily?

A Yes.

QIf i extend my stay, can I stay in the same room?

A Depends on the room availability of that day. Please contact the front desk.

QCan I make room requests?

A We accept room requests but may not be able to provide you with desired room depending on the room availabilitu of that day.

QCan I store my luggage at hotel before check in or after check out?

A We can keep your luggage at the front desk on the day of your check in and the day of your check out.

QI have another reservation at your hotel. Can I store my luggage until my next check in?

A Of course, once we confirmed your reservation.

QCan I check in later than the check in time I stated?

A If you are going to be later that your stated check in time please inform the hotel.
Due to security reasons the doors to the hotel are locked at night. In case of late arrival please use an interphone next to the door to contact front desk.

QCan I ask for a free upgrade?

A Room upgrades are possible but not free. Please contact front desk for more details. 

QWhat do you need to check in to the hotel?

A Please show us your passport and reservation number.

QCan I invite a guest into my room?

A Please meet with your guest at the public area of the hotel.

QCan I smoke in the room? Can I smoke electronic cigarettes?

A If you would like to smoke in the room, please book a smoking room.

QDo I have to pay extra for my child?

A Children under 12y.o can stay for free when sharing bed with their parents (amenities and breakfast are not included).

QDoes your hotel have a shuttle bus service?

A No, but our front desk can help you to find one.

QCan I make a copy or send a FAX from your hotel?

A Yes, at the front desk.
It would be 10JPY for black&white page or 50JPY for a colored one. 

QCan I ship my luggage to your hotel?

A Yes, we can keep youe belongings at the front desk.
When shipping, please write your reservation name and check in date.
Please note, that we cannot keep luggages that require temperature control.

QCan you keep food or drinks?

A Yes, as long it does not require temperature control.

QCan I send a parcel to your hotel by cash on delivery?

A No. Please pay for delivery in advance.

QCan I send a parcel from the hotel?

A Yes, but only domestically.

QCan you ship internationally?

A No. Only domestically.

QCan I exchange currency at your hotel?

A No. Please ask front desk for closest exchange offices.

QCan I borrow an iron?

A Yes. Please contact the front desk.

QCan I make a phonecall from my room? Can I call overseas?

A Yes, but you will be charged for each outcoming phonecall.

QDo you have an adapter or converter?

A Yes, at the front desk. 

QCan I send my luggage to the airport?

A Yes. Please bring your luggage to the front desk in andance since it usually takes two to three daive for it to be delivered.

QAt the hotel, can I pay with a credit card? What kinds of credit card can I use?

A We accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, Diners and Union Pay.

QCan I pay with a QR code (AliPay, WECHAT PAY or KAKAOPAY)?

A No.

QCan youissue a receipt for my stay?

A Yes, but only for the payments made directly at the front desk.

QWhat's the hotel's cancellation fee policy?

A (Reservations made for 1 to 14 people)
Cancellation on the previous day: 20% of room charge.
Cancellation on the day: 80% of room charge.
No-show: 100% of room charge.

(Reservations made for 15 or more people)
Cancellation 9 days prior to check in day: 10% of room charge.
Cancellation on the previous day: 20% of room charge.
Cancellation on the day: 80% of room charge.
No-show: 100% of room charge.

QHow do I become a member?

A Please inquire to the front desk.

QDo I have to pay to become a member?

A No, it's totally free.

QWhat are the benefits of becoming a member?

A To find out about Roynet Club benefits, please stop by the front desk.

QHow long are Roynet points valid for?

A Points a valid for two years since the last stay.

QHow can I use my Roynet Points?

A Points can be used at the front desk when you pay the room charge.

QI lost my membership card. What should I do?

A Please inform the hotel for the new card.

QWhat is Roynet Club Members?

A It's a point collecting system that can be used at any Daiwa Roynet hotel.

QI forgot something in the room. What should I do?

A Please contact our hotel.TEL.096-319-1050

QCan you make a restaurant reservation for me?

A Yes, but only for the period of your stay at out hotel.

QWhat is check-in time?

A You can check in any time after 2 pm. In case of you arriving late please let the hotel know your arrival time in advance.


Number of guest rooms 152
Capacity 304
Check-in / Check out 14:00/11:00
Credit card VISA・JCB・AMEX・Diners Club・MasterCard・UC・UnionPay card