Notice of Roynet Club membership discontinuation and launch of new membership program.

Thank you for choosing Daiwa Roynet Hotels.
Daiwa Roynet Hotels has decided to renew its membership program to make it more convenient and comfortable for you to use.

Accordingly, in light of the new membership program starting on December 1, 2024, the current Roynet Club membership program will be discontinued as of November 30, 2024.

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Information on joining the Roynet Club

No admission fee or annual membership fee.
Furthermore, you can make a reservation from the Daiwa Roynet Hotels official website.

This is a value-for-money membership service available for use at Daiwa Roynet Hotels nationwide.
Please fill in the required fields on the enclosed application form and pass it to the front desk staff.

Roynet Club Members

Points are valid for two years from the last date of usage.

  • 01 Cumulative points
    The points you currently have are displayed.
  • 02 Membership number
    You need it when you make a reservation.
  • 03 Room number
    Printed at check-in and disappears at check-out.
  • 04 Expiration date
    It will be printed at the time of settlement. (year/month/day)

Membership Privileges Members-only service

1 Offering up to 10% points


For reservations made via the phone or our official website (,

we will give you 1 point for each 1,000 yen of accomodation fees.

If you make a reservation through a hotel reservation website other than our official website ( or through a travel agency, we will give you 1 point for each 2,000 yen of accommodation fees.

※ Points may not be awarded for some components of room charges.

※ If Roynet Club points or other hotel reservation site's points are used to pay for accommodation charges, the amount of points used will not be eligible for the awarding of points.

2 Apply points to offset accommodation charges

accommodation charges

One point can be used to offset 100 yen of accommodation charges.

※ You can use a minimum of 50 points (5,000 yen) for each transaction.

※ For residual payment amounts ending in less than 100 yen, the points to be used will be rounded up to the nearest point (no change given).

※ Point usage shall be limited to the accommodation fees incurred by the member only. Encashing of the points is not allowed.

※ When using points, the receipt issued by the automatic payment machine will indicate the details of the points used.

※ If you wish to have a receipt that does not include details of the points used, we can prepare a receipt at the front desk (excluding the amount paid using the points).

3 Exchange for catalog gifts

With 200 points, you can exchange it for a catalog gift.

※ You can apply for this catalog gift at all Daiwa Roynet Hotels.

※ After applying at a Daiwa Roynet Hotel, the catalog will be delivered to your specified address in about a week.

※ The delivery address for the catalog and products applied for in the catalog is limited to Japan.

4 Internet reservation discount


Presentation of points when making accommodation reservations on the official website

You can easily make a reservation at a special price for members.

5 Telephone reservation discount


Presentation of points when making accommodation reservations

If a member makes the reservation, we will accept it at a special member's price.

※ The fee varies depending on the hotel and specific days so please contact the respective hotel for details.

6 Quick check-in


You can fill in your accommodation card at check-in with your signature only.