Personal Information
Protection Policy

The Company fully recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. The proper use and protection of this information not only forms the basis of our business activities, but also represent key areas of our social responsibility. Therefore, to better ensure the trust of our customers, the Company will take action in accordance with the following policy.

  • 1 We will clarify the purpose of use of the personal information we receive, and only use it for the intended purpose.
  • 2 We will not provide third parties with the personal information we receive without the customer's approval, except for cases in which personal information must be provided to fulfill contractual obligations or for other reasonable grounds.
  • 3 We will make every effort to manage personal information in a safe and appropriate manner by implementing security measures to prevent exposing personal information to risks, such as the unauthorized access of personal information from the outside or the loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage of information.

1. Purpose of Use of the Personal Information of Customers

Through the course of our business, the Company receives a wide range of personal information, including customer addresses, names, zip codes, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers, and electronic mail addresses. We receive this information through a variety of means, such as applications and requests, surveys, business negotiations, and executed contracts and agreements. We also receive personal information through publicly available media real estate registries, commercial registries, telephone directories. The personal information that comes into our possession will be used for the following purposes.

Purpose of Use of the Personal Information the Company Receives

The Company will use the personal information of customers in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information to present information and proposals, execute and perform contracts and agreements, provide after-sales service, contact and notify customers, develop new products and services, provide information deemed useful to customers, and perform.

In addition to business activities and the performance of contracts and agreements, personal information will also be used for the following purposes.

  • 1 Receive customer feedback and thoughts.
  • 2 Respond to customer inquiries and requests for reference materials.
  • 3 Conduct market research and development of new products and services.
  • 4 Provide notice about various events, seminars, campaigns, membership services, and other activities.
  • 5 Offer electronic mail delivery services and deliver publications.
  • 6 Provide information about the products and services offered by the Company or its business partners and affiliates.
  • 7 Confirm matters for the purpose of audits.
  • 8 Use for any other matters incidental and related to the businesses of the Company.

It should be noted that the Company may provide personal information to contractors to the extent necessary to ensure smooth performance of the business operations it outsources to these contractors. In this case, the Company will enter agreements with these contractors regarding the handling of the said information and implement other measures to supervise them.

2. Sharing Personal Information

The Company will share the following personal information of customers.

(1)Items of personal information

Customer addresses, names, zip codes, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers, electronic mail addresses, and other related information

(2)Scope of entities with which personal information is shared (in no particular order)

Daiwa House Realty Mgt.Co.,Ltd.

(3)Purpose of use

The purpose of use is the same as that previously stated in 1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information of Customers.

(4)Name and contact of the individual who manages personal information

The individual listed as Contact for Request in 5. Procedures for Accepting Requests to Disclose, etc. of Personal Information

3. Providing Personal Information to Third Party

The Company will only provide the personal information in our possession to a third party in the following cases.

  • 1 When we obtain the prior consent of the customer.
  • 2 When we outsource our business operations to an outside entity to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
  • 3 When we provide personal information as statistical data in a way that makes it impossible to identify customers.
  • 4 When we are required by laws and regulations to provide personal information.
  • 5 When the provision of information is necessary to protect life, body, or property and we cannot obtain the customer's consent.
  • 6 When the provision of information is especially needed to promote the improvement of public hygiene or sound development of children and we cannot obtain the customer's consent.
  • 7 When we are required to cooperate with the administration of the national or local government and other authorities as stipulated by laws and regulations, and the acquisition of consent from customers may inhibit the administration of these bodies.

4. Disclosing, Correcting, or Suspending the Use, etc. of Personal Information

Upon receiving one of the following requests from a customer, the Company will take the necessary action within a reasonable period and to a reasonable extent after confirming the identity of the customer.

  • 1 When a customer requests the disclosure of its personal information.
  • 2 When a customer requests to correct, add, or delete its personal information.
    However, this only applies to cases in which personal information is factually incorrect.
  • 3 When a customer requests to suspend the use or eliminate its personal information.
    However, this does not apply to personal information the Company holds in accordance with the law.

5. Procedures for Accepting Requests to Disclose, Correct, or Suspend the Use, etc. of Personal Information

Inquiries about personal information and requests to disclose, correct, or suspend the use, etc. of personal information as described in Paragraph 4 above will be accepted in accordance with the following procedures.

Procedures for Accepting Requests

Requests must be made by visiting the contact office listed below or submitting a request by mail, phone, facsimile, or electronic mail.
Please note that requests are only accepted on weekdays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.


2-18-2 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0072
Daiwa House Realty Mgt.Co.,Ltd.

Daiwa House Realty Mgt.Co.,Ltd. Privacy policy

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Confirming the Identity of Customers or Proxy

When a customer submits a request, the identity of the customer will be confirmed by various means, such as by using the driver's license, passport, health insurance card or other form of identification, information registered with the Company such as address, name, telephone number, and date of birth, or by calling back the telephone number registered with the Company.
When a proxy submits a request, in addition to confirming the identity of the customer as described above, the capacity of proxy will be confirmed by power of attorney, certificate of seal-impression, or other means.


A prescribed fee may be charged to process a request to disclose personal information.